There’s Still Time

Are we ever too old to pursue our dreams?

I’m not talking about casual, ephemeral dreams. I’m talking about the deep-seated dreams we keep hidden inside of us for decades—yes, those dreams.

When I turned 40, something changed inside of me. I felt immediately impatient, as though I had very little time to do a few really important things I always wanted to do. My impatience finally exceeded my fear. My biggest hidden dream was to share the songs I’d been writing for decades with people—to record a body of original music, release an album, and start performing my songs live. It seemed the older I’d become, the less I shared. Well, no longer.

In 2017, I audited an electronic music course where I learned the basics of signal flow and how to use a digital audio workstation. As I took the course, I started recording my songs. Off and on for 18 months, I recorded (and re-recorded and edited and edited and edited) a total of 16 songs. Eventually I shared my work with a trusted friend (my amazingly supportive band mate), who gave me some invaluable feedback on the mixes, and I kept working. Finally, ready to take the last steps, I hired another super talented friend who is a professional audio engineer to help me with the final mix and mastering. And now I am releasing the album into the world. Fourteen songs made the cut. You can listen to or purchase the album at

My answer, in short, is yes, there’s always still time.

I share with you a live take of the album’s title song.