Being Human

One of the biggest challenges any artist, in any medium, faces is overcoming the fear of failing. The thing is that all of us, as human beings, fail at some point at something. And the longer we live, the more opportunities we have to both fail and succeed.

Failure is simply part of the human experience.

We can either allow our previous failures and our fear of failing in the future to prevent us from creating and sharing, or we can choose to embrace our failures and courageously continue daring greatly.

The fear of failure and its compatriot, perfectionism, for the longest time, prevented me from pursuing my dreams and sharing my songs with people even including my closest friends. I kept my music hidden for fear that someone would tell me they didn’t like it, or my voice was out-of-tune, or my playing wasn’t solid. I put so much energy into what others might think or not think about my music—as if it were a part of my being, my self worth as a person—it paralyzed me.

I’m done with that now. Novvaa is about daring greatly. Novvaa is about sharing what you create. Novvaa is about being human.

On this topic I offer a new song, “Being Human.”